What actually does a copywriting do?

what does a copywriter actually do?
copywriting is valuable skill

There are lots of questions regarding copywriter.

Questions like…..

What actually does a copywriter do ?

what does a copywriter actually do?
copywriting is valuable skill

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Now let’s move to the topic.
Well not all writer are treated equally. There are many different types of writers out there & some writer makes a lots of money & some writers barely scrapping by.

So, what does a professional copywriter actually do?

Have you ever seen T.V commercials, a brochure or billboard on roads?

There are short or long pieces of content on a landing page or website have you noticed that? Did you noticed Fb ads and Google ads?
Or have you ever checked your emails?

Guess what?

Everyone of those pieces, content pieces, they were written by copywriters.
There are tons of stuff that that a copywriter does.

I would like to describe copywriter as a kind of like the silent rainmakers. They are the one who are words into cash.
They are the ones who are using the written words that compel people to buy, to take an action, to make a purchase, to generate a lead.
It’s a very very powerful skill.

Content writer Versus Copywriter

You see a lot of people, they get confused when it comes to content writing versus copywriting.

When you are a content writer. What you do is you will write to inform something to someone or maybe to educate or may to build relation between two.

But as a copywriter, you have a different goal.
You are writing to persuade and influence.

Maybe it’s for someone to request a call.
Sometimes it’s for someone to get a demo.
For someone maybe to get into an email list, to download something.
Or maybe to actually make a purchase and buy online.

So, can say a copywriter have a very good understanding of human nature and human psychology, and that motivates people to take action.

Well it’s not an easy thing , that’s why it’s such a valuable skill.
Every single company on this planet needs copywriter
That’s why it’s a multi, multi trillion dollars industry and thanks to the internet, thanks to social media, now has been exploding. Because there has never been a time in history, there is an insatiable amount of demand for content for copy.

Doesn’t matter if it’s for a persuasive article.
Or for if it’s an email message. Or for running an ad on fb.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a landing page.

Every company needs a good copywriter, and that’s why they are in high demand.

Qualifications to be a copywriter.

Now, here is something very interesting.
What are some of the qualifications that you need to be a copywriter?

Do you know that most copywriters actually don’t have a degree.
Most copywriters, in some cases, they haven’t even finished high school.

So, to be a high paying copywriter you don’t need qualifications, you don’t need a degree , what you need is only a skill.

You need someone to show you how is done.
Because companies don’t care about that.
What they care about is only result.

For this you don’t need to spend years learning this. In fact, you can spend a few weeks, a few months, learning and honing this skills. And you can already offer your skillset to the marketplace in exchange of money

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